Sierra Nevada

It surprises many visitors that in Granada, in Andalusia, a land famous for its beaches and abundance of sun, you can ski. Not only can you do it, but Sierra Nevada is one of the best winter resorts in Spain.

The Mulhacén peak, the highest in the Iberian Peninsula, rises to 3,478 metres, an altitude that guarantees an abundance of quality snow despite the fact that the Sierra Nevada ski resort is the southernmost in Europe. The mountains that made the Muslims fall in love with Al-Andalus, the backdrop for the most beautiful pictures of Granada, called 'Sierra del Sol' in medieval times, contain among their snowy peaks and their rivers and forests the beauty of a territory where nature is shown in all its splendour.

Villages full of charm, halfway between the monumental city of Granada and the imposing massif of Sierra Nevada; a National Park that houses the largest number of endemic plants in Europe; and a modern ski resort, with both sun and snow, which has become the best Spanish reference for the practice of winter sports.

Sierra Nevada is perfectly connected by the A-395 road, which links Granada and the ski resort of Pradollano with a route of 32 kilometres, a wide road and gentle slopes. The A-92 motorway, the main artery of Andalusian communications, facilitates access from any point in the region, linking up with the road network of the rest of the Peninsula. From the Mediterranean coast and from Jaén, the A-44 leads to Granada and the road that goes up to Sierra Nevada.

Snow activities

Summer activities


Sierra Nevada has some 2,100 catalogued plant species, of which 65 are exclusive: the snow stars, the mountain poppy, the camomile and the Sierra Nevada violet. This alpine land, located in the heart of Andalusia, has an abundant fauna, including more than 60 species of birds and various mammals such as the mountain goat - which is relatively easy to see jumping between the cliffs of the snowy peaks - the common vole and the weasel.

The numerous springs, streams, rivers and aquifers receive the icy water from the high peaks during the thawing season, making the landscape even more splendid.

This area is ideal for sports such as trekking or to take one of the various routes through the park: the Vereda de la Estrella, the River Trevélez route or the Capileira-Mulhacén.