Snow activities in Sierra Nevada


The resort has 105 skiable kilometres distributed in 116 slopes with different degrees of difficulty where you can practice both skiing and snowboarding.One of the main attractions of the Sierra Nevada is the possibility of skiing at night on a specially lit and conditioned slope. Fast and comfortable access to the slopes from the residential and commercial area of Pradollano is guaranteed by 17 modern ski lifts. Around 350 snow cannons guarantee the perfect condition of the slopes.


Who said that sleds are only for children? Family trips or not, one of the most fun off-piste activities is sledding. You can bring your own or rent one in the Sierra Nevada. What do you need to know? Well, the truth is that there is little theory if you stick to the idea that there are levers on both sides to brake you will have more than known the lesson, there is no major complication to its handling! Besides, the ideal thing is to go for it and check this experience by yourself.

Building snowmen

If you travel in the snow as a family, it is clear that you always have to make a snowman! It's something that every child wants to do as soon as they step on it... But you can also do it even if you travel with your friends as it's a great fun activity no matter how old you are. Ski gloves are essential, not wool gloves! And above all, have a lot of imagination, as any element of nature can be used for your creation.


Only suitable for the most daring. Paragliding over the snowy mountain, what an adrenaline rush! It is a two-seater so you will always be accompanied by your instructor. Although these flights can be done all year round we recommend you try it during the winter season because you will be able to have some really incredible views. This activity can be done in the villages near the Sierra Nevada.

Mirlo Blanco

For non-skiers, the Mirlo Blanco park offers a multitude of activities in the snow without wearing skis: ice-skating rink, archery, magic carpet, 130-metre slides, chair-skiing, skate-skiing and the Russian Sledge, a roller coaster in the snow where the user controls the speed of descent.


You like sport, you want to enjoy the mountain but you don't know or don't want to ski... What can you do? Use your snowshoes! You can enjoy the impressive snowy landscapes while doing practically the same exercise as if you were skiing.